EnOS Edge Overview

EnOS™ Edge is an intelligent software-defined IoT gateway and edge computing platform that adapts to heterogeneous devices and systems in the physical world and enables cost-effective IoT connectivity, edge computing, local control and optimization solutions.

It integrates traditional OT technology with EnOS to provide powerful capabilities, such as:

  • Support extensive and scalable connectivity including field-proven 200+ protocol adaptors for heterogenous industrial device connectivity and sensor integration
  • Support multiple Edge computing & control services to meet the needs in different scenarios
  • Support open intelligent Edge software including edge-cloud synergy and application enablement to deal with complex scenarios in local or edge areas.

EnOS Edge product suite consists of IoT gateways and edge server. These products can be used independently, or together to handle the different scale of data acquisition, complex hierarchical scenarios, and rich scenarios from mission-critical near real-time control for edge devices to edge-cloud synergy for cross-domain asset operation and cross-system synergy in large scale digital transformation. For more information, see EnOS Edge Products.


The software architecture of EnOS Edge is as follows:

Figure: Edge software architecture

EnOS Edge Services

EnOS Edge can be divided into the following part of services:

Connectivity Service

Connectivity services provide extensive, secure, and fast connection to heterogeneous sensors, devices, and systems to achieve O&M transparency, predictive maintenance, real-time device monitoring, performance optimization, and end-to-end device lifecycle management from the EnOS Cloud or EnOS Edge.

Core Service

Edge, as an extension of EnOS cloud platform capabilities, integrates deeply with Enterprise Data Platform, Enterprise Analytics Platform and Application Enablement Platform. Also, based on the specific scenarios of edge computing, EnOS Edge provide smooth and comprehensive core services.

Management Service

EnOS Edge provides lifecycle management between Edge Connectivity Service and Edge Management Service.

Target Users

EnOS Edge primarily serves the following roles:

Edge Delivery Engineer

The Edge Delivery Engineer, who performs the on-site installation (including installing the edge gateway devices and connecting the cables between edge gateways and devices) sets up device connections and debugs the communication between the devices and the cloud. For details about Edge Features, see EnOS Edge User Guide.

Application Developer

The Application Developer develops applications to acquire device telemetry and configuration information via EnOS APIs and SDKs to meet the requirements of specific business case scenarios. For details about Edge Features, see EnOS Edge Developer Guide.