About Data Asset Management

EnOS Data Asset Management offering targets to help you optimize your total cost of ownership for your data assets on EnOS. The service mainly brings the following benefits:

  • Strong data analytics capability
  • High data development efficiency and lower barrier of stream data processing development
  • Optimized cost of data storage due to more flexible configuration
  • Subscription to device real-time data and alert data
  • Effective data retention and access based on domain expertise accumulation

Storage Policy

EnOS provides a variety of data storage options for you based on your data storage and reading requirements. Data is stored by categories (data type and storage time), thus reducing data storage costs and enhancing data reading efficiency.

Data storage policy must be configured before the devices start uploading data to EnOS Cloud. Otherwise, the uploaded device data will not be stored in EnOS TSDB by default. For more information, see Storage Types.

Stream Analytics

The essence of stream analytics is to ensure low-latency of stream data transmission and processing, as well as high accuracy of data analytics. To achieve these goals, EnOS Stream Analytics not only provides high throughput, low latency stream processing, but also accumulated the leading and most frequently used stream processing algorithms for certain industries. The service provides visualized template-based configuration to help you quickly perform your stream analytics tasks and task monitoring. For more information, see overview of Stream Analytics.

Time Series Data

EnOS TSDB provides efficient and stable storage and management for time series data that is ingested from devices or generated by the stream processing engine. With the data insights feature, you can view the latest data ingested from your devices and also generate a chart for time series data that is stored in TSDB by selecting a specific time range and device measuring points, thus improve the efficiency of data analysis. For more information, see Managing Time Series Data.

Data Subscription

Data subscription service targets to improve the API calling efficiency of applications with active data push, which supports subscription to various data types such as real-time asset data and asset alert data. Java SDK is provided for retrieving the subscribed data. For more information, see overview of Data Subscription.

Data Service APIs

EnOS Data Asset Management offering provides Data Service APIs for getting stored data in EnOS TSDB. For detailed information, see Getting Stored Data with EnOS APIs.

Targeted Personas

EnOS Data Asset Management offering primarily serves the following roles:

Data Developer

Data developer, who defines data storage policies, designs stream data processing jobs, and configures data subscription settings through the EnOS Console.

Application Developer

Application developer, who develops applications to get the subscribed or stored data via EnOS APIs and SDKs to fulfill requirements of certain business case scenarios.