About Application Development

EnOS Application Development Service enables you to register applications on EnOS Console, manage applications (purchased and self-developed), assign application resources to users, and use EnOS SDKs to develop applications offline.

Key Personas

EnOS Application Development Service primarily serves the following roles:

System administrator

System administrator, who manages organizations, users, and resources on the EnOS platform.

Organization administrator

Organization administrator, who manages users and resources of an organization.

Application developer

Application developer, who develops an application through calling EnOS APIs.

Application provider

Application provider, who provisions an application on EnOS to be consumed by other parties. An application developer can be an application provider.

Application user/consumer

Application user, who consumes the application that is provided by the application provider.

Key Capabilities

The Application Development Service of EnOS Console provides the following benefits:


An application can access the EnOS™ APIs immediately after the application is registered on EnOS™.

Secure and reliable

EnOS™ isolates the data of different clients and ensures that different clients can only access their own asset data when using the same application.

Data integration

EnOS™ System integrates the ingested asset data, applications, and EnOS APIs, so that all asset data can be accessed and modified through APIs after authorized with applications.

Cross-organization application authorization

When you need to use an application developed by a third party organization, you can authorize the application to access the asset data of your organization.