Data Archiving Overview

Large volumes of business data with low access frequency can be archived and stored. EnOS™ Data Archiving Service supports the archiving of data and the synchronizing of the archived data to the target database and specified directories, achieving data backup.

The major components and architecture of the Data Archiving service is shown in the figure below.


Description to the architecture components

  • Data Source: Supporting archiving real-time device data, historical data integrated from stream data processing and offline channel, alarm data, and data stored in TSDB.
  • Job Configuration: Supporting configuration of the storage system, storage path, and file attributes, as well as filtering data to be archived by device models and alert types. For more information, see Data Archiving Reference.
  • Job Management: Supporting data archiving job monitoring and scheduling.
  • Data Backup and Analytics: Archived data can be used for big data analytics in Batch Data Processing.