EnOS Tutorials

EnOS tutorials guide you through connecting your assets, developing and managing data, and gaining insights into your assets step by step.

Getting Started with EnOS
80 min   |   6 Units

Explore the power of EnOS by getting an overall understanding of the major services and functions of EnOS.

Connecting a Simulated Device
80 min   |   6 Units

Learn how to connect a smart device to EnOS and simulate uploading data using EnOS SDK for Java.

Connecting a Raspberry Pi
90 min   |   5 Units

Learn how to connect a Raspberry Pi to EnOS and develop programs to ingest the device data and control device.

Subscribing to Real-time Data
70 min   |   4 Units

Learn how to obtain automatic push of the real-time device telemetry and alert records through the Subscription Service.

Obtaining Time Series Data
90 min   |   5 Units

Learn how to perform stream processing on real-time data, store the original and calculated data in TSDB, and obtain the data with APIs.

Upgrading Firmware OTA
105 min   |   5 Units

Learn how to upgrade the firmware of a device from the cloud by using the upgrade over-the-air (OTA) service.

Integrating External Data Sources
75 min   |   5 Units

Learn how to synchronize incremental data from external data sources to EnOS Hive with the Data Integration service.

Visualizing Batch Data
70 min   |   4 Units

Learn how to use EnOS Data Report to prepare datasets from batch data and quickly visualize data with built-in charts.