EnOS X.509 Certificate Service Is Now Generally Available

In cryptography, X.509 is a standard that defines the format of the public key certificate, which is an electronic document used to prove the ownership of a public key. EnOS provides the X.509 Certificate Service to enforce X.509 certificate-based bi-directional authentication for all communication sessions between the EnOS Edge and IoT Hub.

Today, we are announcing the general availability of EnOS X.509 certificate service.

This service helps to secure communication between Edge gateway and IoT Hub. Certificate-based authentication has the following benefits over other identification and authentication mechanisms.

  • Asymmetric keys, which ensure that sensitive cryptographic material never leaves the devices
  • Stronger client authentication

Support Of Life Cycle Management Of X.509 Certificate

The following functions are provided via REST APIs

And the others are now provided via RPC APIs

  • Getting X.509 certificate
  • Revoking X.509 certificate
  • Renewing X.509 certificate

We also provide web-based user interface through EnOS Console for System Administrators to manage the certificates issued in their EnOS cloud instances.

Getting Started Now

Get started in minutes by following our getting started documentation.

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