Operator Performance Description


Because of dependency on external interfaces and different user business logic, the following operator performance data is for reference only.

With the same resource configuration, the calculating performance of each operator is shown in the following table.

Resource Configuration

Configuration Description
Resource Configuration 2Core, 4GB

Operator Performance

Operator Calculation Capacity (record/s)
TSL Asset Lookup 11500
TSL Child Asset Lookup 12700
TSL Parent Asset Lookup 10600
TSL Point Lookup 12000
Point Selector 16200
Record Generator 20000
Partitioner 5600
Record Sorter By Time 17000
Fixed Time Window Aggregator 6500
Sliding Time Window Aggregator 6600
Batch Merger 16200
Last Changed Record Appender 6300
Latest Record Merger 10100
Record Capturer 13000
Record Restorer 13000
Python Evaluator 10300
JavaScript 12100
Late Point Tagger 12300
Off Limit Tagger 8700
Last Record Appender 6300
Cumulant Decomposer 6100
Simplified Time Window Aggregator 20000