Unit 6: Developing Applications

With devices connected and data management and development completed, now you are ready to start developing applications. EnOS provides end-to-end solution to help you manage your application lifecycle and streamline the DevOps experience.

Explore EnOS APIs

EnOS provides abundant APIs covering various core business flows on EnOS.

  • To gain a glimpse of what services provides APIs, go to EnOS Console > EnOS API > About EnOS APIs.
  • To get started with EnOS APIs quickly, go to EnOS Console > EnOS API > Get Started with EnOS APIs.

Explore SDKs

To facilitate your application development offline, EnOS provides open-source SDKs for major programing languages:

  • C
  • Java
  • Python

For more information, see EnOS SDKs.

Host Applications on EnOS

Expose Application Capabilities

EnOS provides a secure light-weight API Gateway to help you host your own APIs. For more information, see API Management Overview.