Getting Started with EnOS

To get started with EnOS, you’ll first need to request an account.

You can request an indidual account or an Enterprise account based on your needs.

Obtain Account

Individual Account

Individual account is mainly for individual developers or for test or demo purposes.

To apply for an individual account, select Individual when you sign up to EnOS. After your application is approved, you’ll receive an email with your account name and password.

Enterprise Account

Enterprise account is an independant tenant who has exclusive space and resources that are segregated from other tenants on the cloud. The space for the tenant is called organization unit (OU) in EnOS. Each OU has an owner who has administation rights to the resources in the space, the owner can create additional accounts and assign proper rights for relevant roles in the enterprise, such as IoT engineers, business analysts, and application developers.

To apply for an organization account, select Organization when you sign up to EnOS and provide the owner information. After the application is approved, the organization owner will receive an email with the OU information, account name, and password.

Connect and Manage

Now welcome onboard! The first thing you start to do on an IoT platform is to connect your devices and data. EnOS provides comprehensive tooling to help you with device connectivity and management. For more information, see About Device Management.


To process the real-time data collected from your devices and assets, such as perform calculation on a micro-batch of data in a time window, use the Stream Analytics Service. The EnOS Stream Analytics Service provides graphic user interface to facilitate defining the stream data sampling and processing logic.

To process historical data of devices connected into the EnOS Cloud or data synchronized from other data storage, use the Data Analytics Service. In addition to the data orchestration worklfows that help you extract, transform, and load data, EnOS also provides a web-notebook based data analytics tool that enables fast and interative analysis and visualization. For more information, see Data Explorer.

To perform more comprehensive data analysis and visualization based on specified set of data, use the Report Service, which provides rich set of data visualization charts and controls that help you meet visualization requirements of different business scenarios.


EnOS provides abundant REST APIs covering core business flows of the platform. Through these APIs, developers can register, obtain, modify, and delete authorized resources such as device assets, user accounts, and applications. EnOS also provides SDKs to facilitate offline development for application developers of mainstream programing languages. For more information, see Application Development.