Creating a Workflow by Importing an Existing Configuration

If you have an existing workflow configuration that you want to reuse for the new workflow, you can import the configuration file.

Before You Start

Ensure that you have a workflow configuration file stored locally. For information about how to export an existing workflow as a configuration file, see Exporting a Workflow.


  1. In the EnOS Management Console, click Batch Data Processing > Workflow Designer from the left navigation menu. Then, click + above the workflow list or click Create Workflow in the blank page to create a workflow.
  2. In the New Workflow window, provide the following settings and click OK.
    • Mode: Select Import task config.
    • Name: Enter the name of workflow.
    • Upload File: In your local file system, browse to and select the configuration file.
    • Description: Provide a description for the workflow.
    • Select Directory: Select the directy to save the workflow. For details on how to manage directories, see Manage directories.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Edit the settings that are loaded from the configuration file.

Next Step

Pre-run the workflow to test the result of your configuration.