EnOS provides official SDKs to support users and developers on device connection, device registration, data ingestion, data subscription, application development, and application registration. This topic provides and overview of EnOS SDKs.

EnOS Device SDKs

The EnOS Device SDKs provide various device connection and management interfaces, such as device registration, device data ingestion, and device control, to help you send device telemetries to the EnOS Cloud and receive data or commands from the cloud.

EnOS Device SDK for MQTT for Python (Preview Edition)


The EnOS API Core SDKs provide the basic environment for calling EnOS APIs, which support both synchronous and asynchronous API requests.

Java Core SDK (Poseidon)

Python Core SDK (Athena)

  • Install from PIP:

    pip install aphrodite

EnOS IoT SDK for C

The EnOS IoT SDK for C supports the following functions APIs for X.509 certificate-based authentication, data transmission between devices and cloud through MQTT protocol, and EnOS Cloud services.

EnOS Data Subscription SDK

EnOS Data Subscribe SDK supports consuming the subscribed asset real-time data and alert data.