EnOS APIs and SDKs


EnOS provides various APIs that expose a lot of EnOS service capabilities and access to different types of data.

  • Connection Service: Provide device connectivity and device management on EnOS, including product and device creation and management.
  • Model Service: Search and get the details of the models in an organization.
  • Asset Service: Create, manage, and update the assets in an organization.
  • Alert Service: Search and manage asset alerts.
  • Asset Tree Service: Create, manage, update, and search assets trees in an organization.
  • TSDB Data Service: Access the stored asset data.
  • TSDB Policy Service: Access TSDB storage configuration information.
  • IAM Service Overview: Manage user account lifecycle, authenticate user identities, and control the access rights to the resources in EnOS.
  • Common File Service: Manage files on EnOS.

To get started with EnOS APIs, go to EnOS Management Console > EnOS API.



EnOS provides official SDKs for application developers to perform various tasks such as connecting devices, ingesting data, accessing data and services on EnOS.

EnOS SDKs can be accessed from the SDK Center in the EnOS Management Console.