About Application Enablement

The Application Enablement offering provides toolkits, libraries, and services that help your leverage the IoT data and common data services and rapidly build, deploy, and scale applications. By offering a loosely coupled micro-service architecture and encapsulating the underlying IT complexity, lowers barrier of application development and accelerates time to value.

Application Management

Application development on EnOS starts from registering a service account for the application, the application can then access EnOS services and data by presenting its service account.

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Enterprise Container Platform

Based on the micro-service architecture, the Enterprise Container Platform offers the end-to-end services that simplifies development, testing, operation, and maintenance of applications:

  • DevOps: allows you to manage your application lifecycle on a project basis. Supports role-based access control to facilitate multiple roles to collaborate on a project. Provides powerful git hosting and pipeline orchestration to streamline build, test, and deployment of application.
    • Supports various programing languages such as Java, Node.js, Python, Go
    • Supports orchestrating pipelines: code scan, build, deployment, Jenkins
  • Container management: one-stop container operation and management that enables applications to easily scale on needs.
  • Cluster management: centralized cluster resource quota management, network policy configuration, storage resource management and other services for application development and deployment.

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API Management

Lightweight API lifecycle management service that enables applications to expose service capabilities as APIs. The services allows API developers to quickly develop and host APIs and API consumers to quickly invoke APIs.

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Common Data Service

Common Data Service complements dimensions of data such as weather, traffic, and market (for example, electricity pricing) data for informed insights and decisions. For example, an application might predict power generation through algorithms that use device data and weather data.

HMI Graph Tool

HMI Graph Tool enables you to quickly build visualized monitoring applications. The tool has built in rich visual elements that simulates equipment pieces of various industry domains and charts that help you visualize data dynamics. The tool also allows you to accumulate your own graphic elements.

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Application Portal

Provides unified experience with applications built from EnOS, enables central management of application users and access rights.

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Mobile Application Framework

Helps develop hybrid mobile applications based on EnOS. The framework allows developers to develop with most of the mainstream front-end technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

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