Data Report Overview

EnOS Data Report is a lightweight and intelligent product for business data analysis and visualization. Primarily intended for data analysts and developers, Data Report service provides full lifecycle functions from data source connection, dataset generation, to data visualization.

Data Report can be inserted to your operation system or can exist as independent portals. You can quickly build data analysis reports through interactive drag-and-drop operation. Its reporting platform helps lower the cost and threshold to acquire, process, and analyze data, and thereby avoid duplicate efforts in front-end development.

Data Report service brings the following benefits:

  • Realtime and Efficiency: Seamlessly integrates EnOS cloud DBs to provide a report DB with high real-time query efficiency, which greatly improves data analysis efficiency.
  • Rich Components: Seamlessly interfaces with EnOS energy component libraries to provide a rich set of data visualization charts and controls, which meet the visualization requirements of different business scenarios.
  • Easy to use: By creating datasets, makes data acquisition and usage easier, and reduces the complexity of data preparation.
  • Security: Provides control over data security on the basis of the sound security system of the platform.

The major workflow for creating reports with EnOS Data Report service is as follows:

  1. Connecting to data sources
  2. Creating datasets
  3. Making reports

For details about the related concepts of Data Report service, see Key Concepts.

The following figure shows sample reports that can be created with the Data Report service. For steps on creating a report, see Getting Started.